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quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2014

Montain View, California

Olá amigo ou amiga de Mountain View, California; seguem alguns Centros Espíritas na Califórnia, um grande abraço, Sidney.

The City of Mountain View is very beautiful, congratulations! 
Sidney de Jesus Cruz

Grupo de Estudos Espiritas Allan Kardec
Mountain View, CA
Ph.:(650) 559- 0415
e-mail: mirtesfrediani@yahoo.com 
Contact: Mirtes Frediane

  • Chico Xavier Spiritist Society 88 Belvedere St Suite 208 San Rafael, CA
    web: www.chicoxavierspiritistsociety.org
    email: info@chicoxavierspiritistsociety.org

Contact Information
Our email address: nossolarss@nossolar.org
Our phone number:
(925) 289-0838
Our address:
1933 Davis Street, Suite #215
San Leandro, CA

For additional information please call us 
at 1-925-289-0838.


Further directions:
Take Morena Blvd north all the way to the end, which will turn into Ariane Drive as you turn right. We are located in the first business complex on your right, Mt Soledad Business Park, (see picture below). AKFS unit is the second one on the right (see picture below).

If you need to take the bus, please click on the google map above and select directions by bus. The bus 105leaves from Old Town Station and stops at 0.8 miles from the center, approximately 15 minutes walking distance.

2645 Ariane Drive
San Diego, CA 92117
Thank you for contacting us!

Phone: (619) 917-6440
             (619) 884-4205

Email: info@allankardecsandiego.org

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